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Weekend Epicness

So we had an epicly fun weekend at Flatter's.

Much food. Much Fun. Much Booze. The Best Company.

Day started off early for me in my attempt to bake Blackforest Cupcakes. Everything went great until my Oven decided the cupcakes were too epic for it likings and made them all look like the Dead Scar. >< So no cupcakes. They did SMELL mighty good tho.

So anyway we headed over to Flatters. Boy does he have a GORGEOUS place. Its like a hotel! or a Resort! To quote swiftlet "Some of the hotels not even this nice..."  And his doggy Rory is teh cute!

Kalen and I were over early attempting to bake cookies but overall being a general nuisance. We ended up on the couch fighting over the pink thing most of the time.

That and I helped make Apple Crumble! I was trying to peel the apple and keep the skin intact. Moral : Vain fails at knife skillz. At least I can like mix dough. :P

Ritz, Swift + Girlfriend, Tryc came at around 4 bearing mixers and wiimotes.
Calif dropped by at around 6 toting her camera, where photos were taken.
Dest was late, but dropped by a bit after 6 with the cranberry juice.

So the BBQ pit was like a small distance away, we dragged down the couches / table / stools from Gregg's patio over to the BBQ pit and had a party.

The fire starting was epic. Gregg (Flatter) and Louis (Swift) were trying to start a fire using .... LIGHTER FLUID. the girls got fed up and ran off to find firestarters.

BBQ-ing is a 2 man thing. One guy to do the work (Swiftlet) and the other to stand there with a beer and cheer him on (Gregg). :P

The menu for the night was... SO MUCH FOOD. Thanks very much to our chef for the night Phoebe (Swift' GF) must bring her more. She's a good cook and she LIKES it

1) Sambal Fish - Oh. My. God. This. Was. So. GOOOOOOD. We were all yelling "ATTACK THE FISH, ATTACK THE FISH!" and "FISHY FEAST DOWN!"
2) Beef and Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce - Except we all ended up dipping it in the sambal fish sauce cause it was epic.
3) Otah! - I didnt eat cause I was like soo full.
4) Chicken Wings - I dunno what sauce it was, but it was yummy.
5) Chicken Breast - I forgot what exactly Gregg used to marinate this, but it was herbs and lime. The lime cured the surface of the chicken and locked in all the flavour and juices... mmmm...
6) Salad - Greek Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Olives, Fetta Cheese, Onions. I helped make this, and I think I ate most of it too.
7) Steak - Seasoned with Salt and Pepper, Grilled to PERFECTION.

All the while eating we were having lovely cocktails and beer and wines.
1) Copious amounts of Corona for the boys
2) Pearly Bay Sparkling White Wine - Its so sweet its almost like a Muscato!
3) Rum, Pineapple
4) Vodka, Lime Juice , Sugar Syrup
5) Vodka, Lime Juice, Raspberry Jam, Cassis
6) Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice

I wanted a bloody mary but we had no worstershire sauce or celery T_T.

Lots of silly conversations over dinner, I bet 50g that we couldn't not talk about WoW for 1 hour. Everyoned joined in the bet. No one bet against it. T_T. Good thing too cause we started talking wowspeak like 2 minutes after. :D

After dinner, we retired indoors and pulled out the SHISHA.

There's this awesome video of gregg smoking. I will definately need to upload it. I swear its sooooooo awesome. Think Tauren Shaman!

We spent the next 30mins trying to get the wiimotes to work. But they failed. that and sily gregg forgot he loaned Raving Rabbids to Cillian. :/ So no Wii.

Calif had to leave ):

Somewhere at that point the manja priest / salad priest had a headache and went to sleep for a few hours, so I dont know what happened. But when she woke up she went out to see the bunch watching this really trashy movie. I dunno how but we all ended up piling on Gregg's bed in the end watching youtube videos about Ritz's school people dancing and doing stupid things.


Much Fun. Photos to come.

Week 8 Day 2




Yeah. It's been a while since I last updated.

We're still recruiting a couple of healers, and we are looking at doing 25 mans in the future if we can get 25 people on at the same time.

Pleases to be dragging friends in :P

Okay and cause I am bored. You can has a picture of your RLs. Do not click if you don't want to suffer massive eye haemorraging.Collapse )

Weed 5, Days 1 and 2

Hi l00ters!

It's a friday here at l00tviathan HQ, and I'm updating this from work as usual. Been such a crazy hectic week for me and I'm about to keel over and die from exhaustion soon. (Someone please pop heroism irl kthx).

Wednesday's raid was relatively successful! It was a bit problematic I hear due to the lack of healers (since I had to over time and came to raid late). Still managed to do FL , XT, Razorscale and Kologarn under Kalen's raid leadership! Awesome sauce!

Thursday was pretty breezy. Off to a rather rough start with only 2 heals as well for Auriaya and Hodir. I'm very impressed with the Hodir attempt, we downed him so fast I had no idea he was dying.

I was too busy going "frozen blows! HEAL HEAL HEAL HEAL SHIT TRYCIA DIED... HUH HOW SWIFTLET GET ACHIEVEMENT??? Oooooooh. Hodir died!"

Unfortunately Kalen parent aggro hit and she had to go. Managed to drag in wildchronic and feingau for thorim! Took a few tries as the hallway team were all first timers (except for destinique), still downed thorim

VERY proud of the attempt when Feingau solo-healed phase 2 and maleagant OT and OH. Manged to get him to 25%. Good job you all!

Today is Freyayayayaya wipe fest.

Much love and joy.



New Week here at l00tviathan!

I swear that blizzard is out to make us cry. Every time we plan an outing on maintainance it turns out to be rolling restarts  > <.

Couple of us met for some awesome dinner yesterday, which resulted in much silliness and wow-geekery over a nice steamboat (hot pot / nabe whatever you call it). Basically its like a communal pot of soup and you cook stuff in it and eat it.

Highlights of the night being Vain's fight with the prawns that refused to die and proceeded to flop around the table and the soup pot, and of course all the stupid wow references. (we're such geeeks).

And yah Kalen now owes me 12 Titansteel bars, 40 handfuls of cobalt bolts and 2 Artic Furs for my Chopper because  I took up her dare and kissed Passiontree. Rofl. He's such a bad kisser. :p (And Flatter almost kissed him for Epic Flying, but no one wanted to dare him because he'd so do it.)

I'd like to thank the following for their time in coming for dinner and enjoying things despite the rough patch we had last week. I feel so inspired to start the new week with a blast and I'm sure we all feel the same!

Sadly there are no pictures, as Failadaite struck again. Bringing a camera with not only no SD card but also no batteries.

Attendees: Vain (Simone), Kalen (Nathasha), Trycia (Vanessa), Thoranne (Zac), Flatter (Gregg), Ritzyn (Eeting), Alustrielle (Gelina) + Bertram, Swiftlet (Louis), Passiontree (Jon) + Vannie (Marcus).
Missing with Regrets : Forcen (Samuel), Dref (Jeremy), Destinique (Phil)
Wishes they were there: Jorm (Ben)
With us in spirit : The rest of you guys <3.

Much Love from all of us at l00tviathan, your favourite raiding party! (Or at least I hope it is! I know it's mine <3 )

<3, Vainadaite

Tonight's Raid.

Dear all,

Raid is still on tonight (or morning, wherever you are!). Let's not waste a good week, down Thorim, gets some tries on Freya and lets see some PROGRESSION!

We can totally do it! (Well we minus me cause I am gonna go try and win some $$$ from my colleages at this fun fun game called Mahjong.)

Much love to all of you,


Week 4, Day 1... and RAID SIGNUPS

Yesterday had awesome sauce response. I feel so bad for sitting so many of you out.

Please make sure you're online by 7.45, in the event we have too many people it will be on first come first serve basis, please have all your flasks / mats ready!

Downed everything up to Auriaya, today is tier farm day!


Time : Friday 8pm SERVER TIME (9am Saturday for you Singaporeans)
Invites: 7.45pm  Message Vainadaite

RULES : 100EP per boss kill. 5000EP for UNDYING achievement

Please comment to sign up, just post your name and spec / offspec and your stats. average unbuffed dps etc.
We're looking for decently geared people. Please do not bring your alts.

01. Main Tank -
02. Off Tank -
03. Main Heals - Kalenthya (Druid, Resto / Feral)
04. Main Heals -
05. Off Heals / DPS - Vainadaite (Priest, Shadow / Discipline)
06. RDPS - Trycia (Mage, Fire)
07. RDPS -
08. RDPS -
09. MDPS - Jormugand (Rogue, Mutilate / Combat Swords)
10. MDPS -

End of Week 3

End of Week 3 raiding.

Well, this week was kinda hell for all of us, having lost all our best tanks a hideous enemy called Real Life. At least they're back.

I so miss Forcen's tanking.

Managed to one shot Hodir after wiping endlessly on Iron Council. We really need to practice IC and Ignis more before we forget. T_T

Well, I'm looking forward to a new raiding week! Bosses to kill and stuff to do! Things are looking up, especially since we'll get more heals next week.

Please make sure the stinky druid is not saved! <3.

What I really want to say I guess... is that from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all of you for sticking with this raid group. We might be a rag tag bunch of people whose brains are filled with sewage water, but there's no where else and no one else I'd rather be raiding with.

Much <3 to the core raiders who have stuck with us throughout from day 1 and to the new friends we've made along the way to the people transferring / leveling toons to be with us. I'd like very much to keep our friendly sharing attitude. Things were a bit rough, but they can only get better!

And I'd like to thank all of you for that. We would never be here without everyone's efforts.

<3 Vain.


The Pink Thing Saga that broke Trycia's brain which is too porny to be listed here.

Also its not really a quote. but a fucking BAT flew into my FAN during hodir and it's carcass landed in my CLOSET.
Good Fucking Game.

Week 3, Day 1

Hello, folks!

Yup, it's about time this tree druid showed her face, isn't it?

Welcome to the third week of raiding! We have a number of new folks joining our ranks the past few days, and I know we'll have even more to come. Do I hear the beginnings of a 25-man raid? Maybe!

To be honest, the night started out dismally with only 5 people in raid at raid start. It was bad timing with the server reset right before our raid, but better before than during, right? We proceeded to do Flame Lootviathan where we got one or two new achievements - Three Car Garage and Unbroken. Congratulations to everyone involved! We didn't manage to do one tower though.

We did not have any of our regular tanks with us, so we had to improvise. And we did very well with the raid composition, downing XT, Razorscale, Kologarn and Auriaya. Well done! So proud of you guys. :D

I'll keep my promise about Iron Council. Just so you know.

Looking forward to another night of fun! So please come for raid tonight.

<3 Kalenthya

Week 2, Day 4

Hello Looters,

So we downed Thorim, last night, with some issues. Healers were getting an insane amount of aggro it wasn't the least bit funny.

We'd like to welcome Whooleeo to our healing ranks, (can you hear Vain cheering at the prospect of her going back to pewpewwin?) Please invite your friends to tag along if you wish. We're definately looking to expand our raid makeup.

A spate of bad connection locked out Forcen, so we couldn't do Freya.

Just some things I'd like to mention regarding the skipping of optional bosses, since it was brought up.

It's not that we dont WANT to down the bosses, but at the current moment with our time schedule we'd rather down Keepers and get to see Yoggy before we spend valuable time wiping on Ignis / Iron Council. If we have tanks that know the fight well, (ie. Alus and Forcen), we can easily blitz through it but I dont want to spend valuable time we can be trying keepers wiping on these optional bosses instead.

Same for 25FLV. We are not scheduling it as we rather keep FLV for nights where we have insufficient people or the correct raid makeup, but we're definately going to down him each week for the free conquest badge (and our warriors are all drooling over titanguard).

Love, V.

Week 2, Day 2 / 3

Yo fellow l00ters!

Vain has been busy and thus not updating this recently.

On Thurs / Friday, raids were back up as usual. We seem to have a lack of tanks issues as Forcen and Alustrielle are facing a busy patch at work, and Warlin being out of town. Which meant our dearest l00tnik became tanknik.

We'd also like to welcome Mallakkai to join our raiding ranks. Wednesday was pretty smooth considering we had... sput who is pretty new to tanking as an offtank. Additionally we brought Shinhwa in to heal alongsides Vain and Emi, downed Razor, XT, Kolo and Auriaya. Had to bring in pigmonkey for Kolo and Auri cause Shinhwa's not really geared enough for Uldy at the moment.

Friday we were facing a spate of bad luck with only 2 healers and some unlucky blows from Hodir. At least we managed to down him for some sparkly new tier. We can definately do better l00ters, keep your spirits up.

Today will be a great day, lets down Thorim and Freya and go say hi to Mimi!

EPGP standings will be uploaded later, because I keep forgetting.

Love, V